My practice is inspired by the digitization of everyday life, and how it has extended the boundaries of embodiment into limitless networks of potentiality.  I am interested in how contemporary digital imaging practices manipulate and alter images, and how they exist and travel across vast information networks.  As someone who both creates and consumes images, I look at technology as not just a tool, but as a process of investigation in our own changing subjectivity.      

Extracting content from both the real and virtual world, I work with digital photographs and 2D/3D animations to create projections and installations.  My approach to digital imaging allows me to explore narratives surrounding the dividing line between human and machine, and its perpetual uncertainty.  Where does the body begin and end, when it is always plugged in and connected?  It is here that I situate my practice as an exploratory approach that mines for a deeper understanding of the social, behavioural, and physical changes brought forth by the accelerated growth of technology.  I aim to expand our awareness of this world to a non-human centered point of view, engaging with the non-human as a valid form of knowledge and understanding.

I have spent many years working as a photo retoucher in the commercial field, altering photographs to sell an ideology of perfection and beauty.  As a female in this field, I eventually came to critique representations of my own gender in the mass media.  Retouched photographs present us with a reality that is unobtainable, and the labor of this deceit becomes disguised by the skillful hand of its creator.  The capacity to generate imagery that challenges these assumptions becomes a playing ground for a speculative reassessment of the gendered body.  Constructed at the computer screen, the digital body and its infinite and malleable representations offer me alternative ways of thinking and seeing the inescapable effects of technology on the human body. 

I have a Master in Fine Arts (2019) and Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Major in Photography (2017) from NSCAD University, and a diploma in Applied Photography (2005) from Sheridan College.  I currently reside on the east coast in Halifax, NS.