Template, 2019, 3D animation, dimensions variable, 1:20 min

I like to construct, fabricate, distort, and skew. Cut and paste. Push and pull. Form and reform. In this process, a new body takes shape. Brought to life through light, through a mechanism, a machine. My own body is connected to it. Through this mediator, this interface, I am given the opportunity to do what I please. Make my own choices. What kind of body should I be making?

There is no point in creating an image without manipulating it. Images can never be fixed; they exist within a networked system that propels them in all directions. No longer is the original authentic. In the digital realm the possibility of copies and clones are infinite. Motivated by the cyberfeminist movement of the 1990’s, this project looks at the potential of imaging technology to see through and transform the boundaries of the physical body. Placing the female body at the center of this exploration, new media is embraced as a tool from which one can become an active participant, instead of a passive agent. This 3D animation illustrates a basic template of a female body that bends and distorts, countlessly revolving. This gesture provides a visual from which we may reflect on the inevitable changes that our bodies are, and will undergo as a result of changing technologies.